Pneumatic Fender Order from Norway

This January, 6sets of JIER JCQ2500x4000 and 8sets of JCQ3300x65000 Pneumatic Fenders were finished and delivered to Oslo, Norway after BV inspection; they are order By Bergen Port Authority and will be installed in General Cargo Berth.

Bergen is located on the southeast Bank of by Bay in Kross Bay on the southwest coast of Norway, close to the southeast side of the Norwegian Sea. It is the largest seaport in Norway and an important hub in inland Europe. Founded in 1070, it is a traditional shipping, fishery and commercial center of Norway. The port has a wharf of 5500 meters, a draft of 11 meters and a warehouse with a capacity of 50000 square meters. It belongs to the north temperate marine climate. Generally, the port does not freeze in winter.

Pneumatic Fender is the leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world. This compressed air filled rubber fender is used as a protective medium for ship to ship contact, ship to quay and ship to berthing. It has features like: adjust performance by varying initial pressure; suitable for areas with large or small tides; maintain large clearances between hull and structure; optional chain tyre nets for heavy duty applications and easy installation.