Pneumatic Fenders installed on port of Nhava Sheva

Last month, 26 units JIER JCQ2500x4000 Pneumatic Fenders were installed in Nhava Sheva Port, India for berthing protection; it’s the first time that we supplied for Nhava Sheva Port and we also got the another new order of some bollards for replacement, which is under the final treatment and will be shipped in this Friday. Pictures show that workers are busy at installing our fender.

Bilbao is located in northern Spain, at the mouth of Nervion River on the northern coast of Spain, close to the southeast of the Bay of Biscay, 12 kilometers away from the bay of Biscay. It is the third largest port in China after Barcelona and Valencia. Now it has developed into the largest steel and chemical industry center in Spain, as well as shipbuilding, electrical equipment and textile industries. Modern transportation and highway network extending in all directions connect the major cities in the surrounding areas such as Bilbao, Victoria and St. Sebastian in the Basque region.

Pneumatic has features like: adjust performance by varying initial pressure; suitable for areas with large or small tides; maintain large clearances between hull and structure; optional chain tyre nets for heavy duty applications and easy installation. And it can be applied to many different situations as below:

  • Tankers, gas carriers and bulk cargo ships
  • Fast ferries and aluminum hulled vessels
  • Temporary or permanent installations
  • Rapid response and emergency fendering
  • As stand-off fenders to realign ships with shore facilities