Cylindrical Fender installed Naples Port

Recently, 17 units JIER JCY1200x600x1500 Cylindrical Fenders are installed in Naples Port, Italy for berthing protection; we supplied fenders and bollard for Naples Port for longtime and these cylindrical fenders will replaced the old ones, which are also ordered from us three years ago. Pictures show that fenders and fixing systems are ready on the site.

Naples port is located at the top of Naples Bay on the southwest coast of Apennine Peninsula, Italy, and is close to the east side of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is one of the main seaports and oil refining centers in Italy, and one of the iron and steel industry centers. It is about 8km away from the International Airport and has regular international flights to all parts of the country. The loading and unloading equipment of Naples port includes various shore cranes, movable cranes, container cranes, floating cranes, hoists, grain suction pipes, forklifts and RO RO facilities, of which the maximum lifting capacity of floating cranes is 150 tons, the container cranes are 45 tons, the container yard area is 160000 square meters and the granary capacity is 42000 tons. The largest reliable ship at the oil terminal is 90000 DWT. The refinery has an annual refining capacity of 3 million tons, and pipelines and oil pumps are connected with the wharf. The outer port where the large ship berth is located has a wide water area with a water depth of more than 20m, and can berth more than 70 ships.

Cylindrical Fender is simple to install and operate which makes these units an economical solution for remote locations and for multi-user berths where vessel types cannot always be predicted. With advantages of progressive load-deflection, Cylindrical Fenders are suitable for both large and small vessels, and with a wide choice of sizes and diameter ratios. The performance of cylindrical fender can be closely matched to requirements in each case. And it can be applied to many different situations as below:

  • Bulk cargo berths
  • General cargo quays
  • Fishing and workboat berths
  • Pontoons and floating structures
  • RoRo and ferry terminals
  • Tug havens