JIER Super Cell Fenders Selected by Port of Charleston, USA

7 sets of JIER JSC1250H Super Cell Fender System were delivered to America yesterday; the whole fender system contains steel front frame with UHMW PE pad, chain system and full sets of anchor accessories, which were ordered by Charleston Port Authority last month. We also took and passed the third party test and inspection before shipment, all fenders are certificated by BV according to the PIANC 2002 Guideline.

Charleston port is located at the confluence of Cooper River and Ashley River on the southeast coast of South Carolina in the east of the United States. It is at the top of Charleston Bay and close to the west of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the main port of South Carolina. Charleston port is the fourth largest international container port in the United States, and its international container handling capacity has maintained a continuous upward trend. Due to the improvement of production efficiency of major terminals in the port, there will be a new breakthrough in the container handling capacity of Charleston port in the future. In order to meet the needs of current port development, Charleston port is fully implementing various development plans.

Super Cell Fender is improved over the ordinary type. It’s is the most commonly used fender in the world. The circular mounting base of the super cell fender makes it an extremely stable fender type. It has high absorption energy per unit weight, also among all types of compressed fenders; it has the lowest compression performance change. Super cell fenders are available in wild range of size and have better over loading capacity than any other fender type.