Last week, JIER JCY1600/JCY1500/JCY900/JCY750 Cylindrical Fenders were delivered to Spain; they are the third batch that we supplied for Bilbao Port Authority this year and we also got the other three additional orders, which will be finished and shipped in next month. After all fenders completed and delivered, they will be completely and successfully installed in Bilbao Port at the beginning of 2022.

Bilbao is located in northern Spain, at the mouth of Nervion River on the northern coast of Spain, close to the southeast of the Bay of Biscay, 12 kilometers away from the bay of Biscay. It is the third largest port in Spain after Barcelona and Valencia. Now it has developed into the largest steel and chemical industry center in Spain, as well as shipbuilding, electrical equipment and textile industries. Modern transportation and highway network extending in all directions connect the major cities in the surrounding areas such as Bilbao, Victoria and St. Sebastian in the Basque region.

Cylindrical fender is applicable for longitudinal and crosswise way of ships when berth at the dock, it has low reaction forces, little surface pressure and reasonable energy absorption. It is especially applicable for upper part of integral docks and heavy style docks and ships with different size. Besides, the cylindrical fender has various installations style such as horizontal vertical and diagonal etc.

JIER Cylindrical Fenders Installed in Bilbao Port, Spain.