Last month, we finished a batch (18pcs) of Ship Launching Airbags (diameter 2.2m x length 11m) with 10 Cord Layers and 1 Outer Rubber Layer, BV has arranged very strict test and made sure that each index parameter is qualified as customer’s requirement. After successfully passed the final inspection, the airbags have been shipped to Indonesia already.

Ship launching airbag is a specialized air bag type used for launching marine vessels. Made of synthetic-tire-cord reinforcement layers and rubber layers, there are three parts made up for the airbag:

Body: cylindrical rubber air bag to be fully inflated with compressed air;
Heads: conical connection with the body and the mouths;
Mouths: metal valves mounted on both ends of the air bag for inflating with air (type1), one end with valve and a metal lug on the other end used to haul the air bag (type2).

With development of material technology, higher strength materials have been used in air bag production, so that they are able to have much more bearing capacity.

This ship launching way with airbags requires less permanent infrastructure, risk, and cost. As the airbags provide stable support to the hull, take a ship launch into water by rolling motion, and thus it is obviously safer than other methods like sideways launching. Most launching methods are applied to fixed infrastructures, while airbag launching is relatively limitless and able to be used in versatile ways. It breaks through the limitation of fixed launching track in small and medium-sized shipyards where capacity of shipbuilding and ship repairing is limited by the fixed infrastructures. Therefore, ship launching airbags are more and more popular all over the world while in recently years from being invented in 1980; they are mostly used in shipyard and dockyard of China and East-south Asia.