The main causes of rubber fender damage are design, construction and operation management. As long as the three aspects of the work be done well, it can effectively avoid the damage of the rubber fender so as to extend its service life.

1.In the design, it should pay attention to the several aspects of type selection, location and installation. The rubber fenders are preferred with advanced performance, reasonable structure and convenient installation, the position and spacing should be reasonably arranged according to various factors such as the structure of wharf, ship shape and environment, etc. At the same time, the fender fixings ought to be firm as well as convenient to maintenance and to replace, so as to prevent damage of fender caused by poor installation and fixation.

2.In the construction process, both the rubber fender production and installation should be strictly in accordance with the design requirements and relevant professional implementation specifications, to ensure the quality of the fender and construction installation.

3.In the usage management, it should focus on two aspects of work. Firstly, the strict management for berth usage, as far as possible meeting the requirements for design ship type and tonnage for berthing, at the situation when the vessels with the tonnage and dimensions out of the designed type too much berthing on wharf, we will strictly control the speed and the angle of the ship berthing as well as try to stop the small ships berthing on big wharf, so as to avoid damage to small vessels of rubber fender; Secondly, strengthening the regular maintenance of the rubber fender, having the inspection on the signs of damage to the fender timely, repairing and replacing the fenders which have been damaged in time, so as to avoid further damage.