Front Frame is an important part of many types Fender System, like super cell fender, super cone fender, unit fender and so on. It can increase the contact area between fender and vessel and reduce the surface pressure as well. The front frame is also bolted with UHMW PE Pad on the surface to reduce the friction coefficient between fender and hull.

Front Frame is to distribute reaction force into hull and vessels and should be designed according to different applications and condition with many factors as below:

1.Hull stress and tidal range;
2.Lead-in bevels and chamfer;
3.Bending moment and shear force;
4.Type and size of rubber fender;
5.Local buckling;
6.Loading factor in limit state;
7.Steel material grade;
8.Welding procedure;
9.Fatigue strength;
10.Asymmetric loadings effects;
11.Reaction force and connection of rubber fender;
12.Other accessories linked or attached such as UHMW PE Pad and chain system;
13.Anti corrosive protection;
14.Coating and painting;
15.Service life time.

There are so many factors affecting the front frame design, we mainly determine the size and specification of the steel panel according to the following formula:

Pv=max hull pressure allowed;

Rmax=max reaction force of rubber fender

H= height of front frame

W= width of front frame

(H-0.1) X(W-0.2)=effective contact area between front frame and hull

We provide the detail specification chart of front frame matching all size of different fender types for your reference, feel free to contact with us if need any information.