Our 60units of Unit Elements Fender (500Hx1500L) have certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. The items with the whole complex accessories system is supplied for the wharf in Murmansk, and will keep vessel berthing safely and wharf structure durable.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is an international classification society established in 1913. RS now maintains a ship register of the Russian Federation, based in Saint Petersburg. It takes part in the work of the International Maritime Organization, and is one of the leading classification societies and a member of IACS. With unique experience in ensuring maritime safety, the RS has the probably highest technical level and standard in design of ships, ship and marine industry.

We Jier Company and our factory have obtained certifications of many counties’ registers of shipping and of many specialized inspection institutions as CCS and BV. We are also the Corporate Member of PIANC, and keeping supplying fenders to Italy Ports Authorities, Greece Ports Authorities, Croatia Ports Authorities, Philippines Ports Authority, Malaysia Ports Authorities, Dock Wise, etc. in last decade years.