Bollard pre-built anchor accessories are designed for fixing various types of bollard, rubber fenders and steel structures; it is widely used in docks and ports around the world. Therefore, it is very important to understand the correct way of installation and maintenance; there are mainly two ways as follows:

1.When casting concrete, the anchor bolts are buried in at the same time. This method is especially suitable for the installation of bollards, rubber fenders or steel structures with small size fittings on newly constructed wharf and quay. It is quick and easy and can control the overturning of bollard and rubber fender well.

2.After cleaning the reserved hole, put in the anchor bolts, then determine the location and pour into the concrete one grade higher than the original foundation to fix the bolts. This method is suitable for the established docks and ports where larger bollards, fenders and steel structures installed or replaced, which can simplify the procedure and improve installation fastness.
The diameter of hole for bolt ought not to be smaller than 4times of bolts diameter (d), and not to be smaller than 100mm if bolts size less than 20mm. Double nuts or other effective measures shall be taken to prevent the bollards from loosening when subjected to earthquake action, and the anchor bolt should be lengthened with 5d than bolt without earthquake action.

In general, the dimensions and specifications of the embedded parts have been determined before installation, but in reality, if the bolt is too long, it can be cut off from the machine tool then put on the nut; if the bolt is too short, it can be stretched by hot forging; if the position is incorrect, the bolt can be bent to match the right place