The arch rubber fender is one of the most widely used fender type which has the advantages of high energy absorption, flexible and convenient installation, various sizes and specifications, etc. Energy absorption per unit weight is second only to cell fender in compression fender type, which is 3.5 times higher than cylinder fender and 2.3 times higher than D fender, thus saving material greatly.

Because of the high friction coefficient of interface between arch fender and vessel friction, sometimes it is easy to tear at the bottom of the fender in use, in order to reduce the friction coefficient and shear force from vessel side steel panel to the top face of fender when berthing, people improve the arch fender original structure with the steel frame attaching UHMW PE pad at the top. This is super arch that effectively prolongs the service life of the arch fender.

As many options of installation for arch fender and super arch fender, it’s one important reason why the arch fenders are used so widely around the world. For example, no matter with front panel or not, arch fender can be installed horizontally and vertically in concrete of quay and wharf, as well as can be bolted in vessels and ships. Then front panel is also optional, as the UHMW PE pad can be attached to arch fender directly. There will be a most suitable arch fender system for various berthing situation.